Hello and Welcome to AHA Housing Lite!

"AHA Housing" happily served Southern California's First-Time Homebuyers for over 20 years with various homeownership programs. When it came time to retire the business this year, we just couldn't let go of the Reissued MCC Program. Homeowners who enjoy their mortgage credit certificate would lose their opportunity to refinance and keep their MCC credit. So we figured we would extend that opportunity for a while longer.

Thus the birth of "AHA Housing Lite!"

Changes to know about:

1)Mailing address has changed. The new address which appears here is also on the revised RMCC application. (There is no public office.)

Kathy Stone/RMCC
PMB 201
6977 Navajo Road
San Diego, CA 92119

2) Fee schedule has been simplified. For properties in areas other than the City of San Diego, the fee is $325. The City of San Diego remains at $400.

Click Here for the revised RMCC application plus useful information.

Contact Us we would be happy to respond by email to your questions or comments about the RMCC Program here.

Please Note: The only purpose of this web site is to continue the Reissued Mortgage Certificate (RMCC) Program for holders of MCCs or RMCCs issued prior to November, 2014 by the County of Ventura, the County of San Diego or the City of San Diego. Sorry, we have no information on other programs.